Paramount Super Star
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Frequently Asked Question's
​QUESTION: What are the different talent categories that I can compete in at Paramount Super Star?

ANSWER: There are 3 different categories that you can compete in at PSS and they are: Aspiring Singers, Aspiring Dancers, and Aspiring Models.

QUESTION: Is there a certain age that I need to be to compete at Paramount Super Star?

ANSWER: There are no age requirements for our competitions. Males and females of all ages are invited to compete.

QUESTION: Is the Paramount Super Star contest divided into different age categories?

ANSWER: Yes, the contest is divided into 3 different age categories per talent. The categories are Child (0-12), Teen (13-17) and Adult (18 and up).

QUESTION: What is the height/weight requirement to model in the competition?

ANSWER: There are no weight or height restrictions in any of the Paramount Super Star competitions.

QUESTION: You have 3 different talent categories. How many can I enter?

ANSWER: You can compete in as many as you would like. You must register for the different categories to compete.

QUESTION: What happens after I register to enter the competition?

ANSWER: The Paramount Super Star Contestant Department will send you an Official 2018-2019 Registration Package. We must receive the completed package within 48 hours before we can officially cast you as a 2018-2019 contestant. You will also receive the contact information to your personal contest director/coach for all questions, contest updates, etc. 

QUESTION: My group would like to compete. Is this possible?

ANSWER: Yes, it is. Dancing and singing groups of all ages are invited to compete. The modeling contest accepts individuals only - no groups! The dancing and singing groups must register as a group and under the same group name at the time of audition. 

QUESTION: I would like to compete, but I don't have the money for a professional video or professional pictures.

ANSWER: That's perfect. You are not required to submit professional pictures or videos. You can submit a video and a picture taken with a mobile phone or a personal camera - as long as the audio and visual is clear.