Paramount Super Star
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Frequently Asked Question's
​QUESTION: What are the different talent categories that I can compete in at Paramount Super Star?

ANSWER: There are 3 different categories that you can compete in at PSS and they are: Aspiring Singers, Aspiring Dancers, and Aspiring Models.

QUESTION: Is there a certain age that I need to be to compete at Paramount Super Star?

ANSWER: There are no age requirements for our competitions. Males and females of all ages are invited to compete.

QUESTION: Is the Paramount Super Star contest divided into different age categories?

ANSWER: Yes, the contest is divided into 3 different age categories per talent. The categories are Child (0-12), Teen (13-17) and Adult (18 and up).

QUESTION: What is the height/weight requirement to model in the competition?

ANSWER: There are no weight or height restrictions in any of the Paramount Super Star competitions.

QUESTION: Why is there a registration fee to enter the Paramount Super Star contest?

ANSWER: There is a registration fee because we are looking for serious competitors only. If you make any type of financial investment, you are more likely to take the competition serious and give it your all.

QUESTION: Is the registration fee refundable?

ANSWER: No, it is not. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

QUESTION: Are there any other fee's associated with this contest?

ANSWER: The registration fee is the ONLY fee associated with Paramnount Super Star. 

QUESTION: You have 3 different talent categories. How many can I enter?

ANSWER: You can compete in as many as you would like. You must register for the different categories to compete.

QUESTION: What happens after I register to enter the competition?

ANSWER: The Paramount Super Star Contestant Department will send you an Official 2018 Registration Package. We must receive the completed package within 48 hours before we can officially cast you as a 2018 contestant. You will also receive the contact information to your personal contest director/coach for all questions, contest updates, etc. 

QUESTION: My group would like to compete. Is this possible?

ANSWER: Yes, it is. Dancing and singing groups of all ages are invited to compete. The modeling contest accepts individuals only - no groups! The dancing and singing groups must register as a group and under the same group name at the time of registration only. Only one registration/audition fee is required for groups and individuals. 

QUESTION: I would like to compete, but I don't have the money for a professional video or professional pictures.

ANSWER: That's perfect. You are not required to submit professional pictures or videos. You can submit a video and a picture taken with a mobile phone or a personal camera - as long as the audio and visual is clear.

QUESTION: Do I need to send my video in when I register?

ANSWER: No, you do not. An updated picture is due when you register.All videos are due when you return the Official Registration Package back to us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER enter a contest that requires you to pay for professional pictures or videos.